Tip Disable Blur or Fade Effect on Login Screen in Windows 10

Windows is in the midst of a big redesign and it will take several updates to fully realize the potential of Fluent Design. The implementations of WinUI controls, Mica, and new Fluent Design elements have started with Windows 11 version 21H2 , but we’re far from it being complete. “For rounded corners, we optimized our rendering performance so you shouldn’t notice any difference compared to square corners,” the company said.

  • One of the main reasons that desktop clutter makes your computer run slowly is because it uses up valuable memory.
  • We’re also going to add the extra step of booting into Safe Mode first, just to make sure that Windows can really let go of that cache of Windows Update downloads.
  • This is another Windows diagnostic tool created by Microsoft, but a more powerful one than SFC.

You should only download and run .reg files from sources you trust, but they’re text files, so you can right-click them and open them in Notepad. To change a value, double-click it in the right pane and enter the new value.


First Analyze, select the desired Common Options settings and select or unselect any necessary individual selections. Then use the Export Selections button to create the json file. On the Store Apps page of the common options dialog, there is the option to remove Windows 10 Store Apps while keeping the commonly used apps. The default behavior is to remove all Windows Store Apps. You can select to keep all apps or select wdsutil.dll is missing from your computer individual apps to be kept. Select whether to remove or keep Cortana search. You can also select whether the search item in the taskbar appears as the default box or instead as a magnifying glass icon.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing happens. The Origin thin internal setup shows up in the task manager each time, but that’s it. I’ve tried running the installer as administrator, nothing. I’ve checked to see if my firewall is blocking it, but there’s no issue there.

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To solve this issue, you can either run troubleshooters or adjust some settings. One option which we will not look at in depth is to make registry changes to your Windows operating system to disable automatic updates.

Make sure to create a backup of your current Registry to ensure you can always undo the changes in case something goes south. For example, Windows 11 doesn’t include support for many older computer parts, such as CPUs. This can be a huge issue if you want to upgrade but don’t want to risk wrecking your hardware or having to spend hundreds on a new one. Windows 11 also introduces some mandatory security features that may cause issues for some users. Windows 11 has had mixed reviews since it was released, and some people are unhappy with the changes made.

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